Twin Flames

Meeting my twin flame  was a big part of why I decided to train in hypnotherapy and discover first hand what more and more people were talking about; this unexplicable connection that was overwhelming and very different from everything I had ever experienced that far. Hypnotherapy helped me a great deal to learn more about this connection and how to deal with it. It is my wish to teach most than I can about it and help you in your path if you experiencing the same thing right now.

Meeting a twin flame is like meeting the other part of yourself. It is a mirror that reflects your most beautiful side as well as your darkest side. Once you meet up with them, your life changes forever. But why do we meet them? What is their true purpose? What is the difference with a soul partnership, soul mates, karmic relationships etc? Every relationship serves it’s purpose. If you have questions, I am here for you. 🙂

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