Testimonials about QHHT sessions

Having sleeping problems and not finding a way to solve this (without taking pills), I decided to consider hypnosis. This has been by far one of the greatest and life changing experience I have had. Aurora is amazing and she makes you feel comfortable during the session. The session helped me solve my sleeping problem and also gave me a new perspective on life, as I understood the cause of my problems and made peace with past experiences. Thank you Aurora for all your help, you are trully an incredible person. – Mikaela

The session with you was great, and it was a wonderful experience – Izumi

I had two sessions with Aurora and they were both brilliant. Aurora is a very good facilitator, she will always take care of you with kindness and love. My sessions showed me a lot about myself and my family. They helped me realise that there is some other world that we just cannot see with our physical eyes, but the world that is right here with us nonetheless. I highly recommend Aurora to open up this new world for you! – Kasia Jones

Amazing experience ! Very helpful to get through difficult moments. Highly recommended ! – Dr. Lorena Shtino

HYPNOSIS: I would describe my hypnosis session as lifechanging. I was finally able to move on from my past, and it’s been 3 weeks now that I did my session and I cannot describe the happiness I feel every day.
Aurora was great in guiding me through this experience, knew how to make me feel comfortable, safe and helped me in every possible way.
Can’t wait to learn more and see what I can find out in the next session 😊 – Ing. Joana Troplini