Your journey begins here.

We help you get there.

Explore yourself

There’s so much more to life and to you that you haven’t seen yet. With our Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, LBL- Life Between Lives…) and other modalities (ThetaHealing, Tarot cards reading, Life coaching…) we help you get there faster, sooner than later.


Explore yourself, your past lives, your soul family through hypnosis. Uncover soul contracts, meet your soul family, guides and higher self.


Change your beliefs into more positive ones. Say “Yes” to download the belief that Life can be beautiful and magical.”

Tarot cards readings

Let Tarot cards show you what’s in store for you and how can you use your full potential to be who you were always meant to be.

Founder of Aurora Hypnotherapy

I will help you become the best version of yourself. Together we’ll figure out what is best for you and help you get there sooner than later. You are never alone.

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