About me

I started my journey on Earth  in the City of Tirana, Albania. After an interesting turn of events I ended up in Paris  10 years ago where I continued my studies in Computer Science Engineering and came across people who introduced me to the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on death and dying and later on Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon on what happens after death and on the life between lives. I got my training in QHHT in 2013 from Dolores Cannon and had more trainings on different methods of Hypnotherapy, Past life regressions and Life between lives as taught by Michael Newton. I have started practicing hypnosis for therapeutical purposes since then, I have given and continue to give regular talks about hypnosis and I am preparing my own training for those who are interested in regression therapy combining every method that I know so far. I speak and practice hypnosis in English, French, Italian and Albanian. Practicing hypnosis, listening to all these people’s stories, trying to help and improve people’s lives, is what makes me happy. In 2019 I got certified in Thetahealing (Advanced, Dig Deeper, Soul Mate), Tarot Cards reading and Aromatouch massage all techniques to help you get in touch with your own being and be the person you were meant to be all along.


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