Your Journey Begins Here

A desire to get better is a prerequisite in this journey. I promise you, it’s worth it. Commit to yourself and we’ll help you get there. You are loved and you are never alone.

Find Yourself

If you could talk to yourself, your dreams, your fears, meet your past and present what would you tell them? Are you ready to find yourself?

Explore your soul family

Who are you if you are not incarnated in a body? Who is part of your soul family? What is your mission? Who is cheering for you out there? Find out more during a Life Between Lives Hypnosis session.

Change your beliefs

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs you have and uncover your full potential. Discover the ThetaHealing technique and find magic on the other side of fear.

What People Say

I had two sessions with Aurora and they were both brilliant. Aurora is a very good facilitator, she will always take care of you with kindness and love.

Joana Troplini

More Offers

We offer more than just hypnosis. We offer tools to change your life around.

Talking to Suprem

What does Suprem have to say about you? How can he bests advice you?

Twin Flames

Ever wondered what twin flames are or how to get guidance with your twin flame?

Art Therapy

Activate your hidden talents and enhance your artistic creativity.